Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Such Fun Times

I can't believe it has been about a month since I have written an update!  Natalie is just a ball of fun!  Some of the latest things she has discovered/loves to do is:
*she loves to comb her hair (the little she has) and she loves to comb our hair
*she now thinks that she is hiding from me when she turns and buries her head if I am coming to tickle her
*she can now stand pretty easily from a sitting position without pulling up on something
*she loves to eat!  Yesterday at day care, lunch was late to the room, and she was so unhappy about it that they gave her the emergency lunch that I had on hand (in case she couldn't eat what was on the menu). When the actual lunch came, she demanded to have some of it too!  Tonight she ate an entire cheeseburger and a serving of carrots.
*Natalie is thriving at day care. She now willingly goes to the day care workers; is taking excellent naps; hasn't gotten sick; and in general loves it there.  We are a little nervous because she will move to the toddler room in two weeks, but hopefully it will be a smooth transition.
*we believe she speaks Chinese.  She loves to "talk" and the closest thing it sounds like is Chinese.  She loves moving her tongue really fast and making particular sounds by doing that.
*she loves puzzles and is nearly perfect with the puzzles that have one piece per hole with the picture underneath.  However, she also wants to play with and try the more advanced puzzles.
*Natalie is beginning to want to help do things- she likes to help put on her shoes by doing the velcro snap, she likes to help close doors and turn off/on lights
*we are also very excited that Natalie is making big improvements with sleeping through the night in her crib (instead of waking up around 12 or 1 and demand to sleep with mommy and daddy)
*she continues to love Pumba, who she very clearly calls "Ba"  She loves to hug him as he sleeps in the morning. She loves to see him as soon as we get home; and she loves to pet and just grab all of his fur/fat with pure love.  Thankfully Pumba continues to be excellent with her.
*Natalie is beginning to move into 24 month clothes..strange enough, she seems to fit into her older 18 month clothes, yet, can wear her new 24 month clothes as well.
*Natalie now has 8 teeth.  The latest one was her left bottom tooth closest to the front one.
*She loves saying hi, and will say hi to her dolls, her little people, herself in the mirror, and pictures of herself.
*Natalie now loves bath time (in the full tub, no toddler tub or other supports).  She loves moving around in the tub and will frequently shake her head no when asked if she is ready to get out.
*she also does this adorable thing where she pumps her fists in pure joy/excitement and grits her teeth in a tight smile when you say "Yes!" and pump your own fists.

I just cannot say how much fun Natalie is right now!  Now that the weather is becoming warmer, I know that there will be more park stories and lots of fun pictures too!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Long overdue!

Sorry for the delay in posting photos, everyone! Here are a few cute ones to share with you. Natalie has learned from Grandma to wipe her mouth, as she is doing in one of the photos here. We also got video of it, and it's adorable. Natalie got a kick out of Pumba wearing one of her old (but never-used!) diapers on his head.