Monday, August 13, 2012

Natalie's First Trip to the Muni- Beauty and the Beast

We had planned on taking Nat to see Beauty and the Beast at the Muni, but the forecast called for rain. So we decided against it. Until Lindsey L. texted and said that we should join her and the boys. So at the last minute, I grabbed blankets, some snacks, and took Nat. Except for at the beginning when the National Anthem started and she screamed with her hands over ER ears- she loved it! She intently watched every moment. Before we got there, she thought there would just e a huge tv outside so I think she was overwhelmed with delight at seeing all of the characters live! We also ran into Lisa D who brought Anna. She was nice enough to get Nat a special light up rose so that Nat could help turn the Beast into a prince (she loved this and was so excited about helping the beast!). Afterwards we lucked out and joined the line to meet Belle when it wasn't too long. She was on cloud nine to get to meet her, sit on her lap, and take her picture with her. Gaston (the bad guy) didn't have a wait to meet him, so I asked Nat if she wanted to meet him. Nat freaked and almost pulled my pants down in an attempt to get away from him. I guess I forgot that he is bad and why would she want to meet him!
The rain stayed completely away until about 3 minutes after we got back inside our house! It was a perfect memorable night! I loved cuddling with Nat under the blankets and watching a great show outdoors!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fun Day At The Park

Since the temperature outside finally went below 90, we took advantage and played at the park today.  Natalie had a ton of fun as usual!

Fun Day At Scheels

I forgot to put the pictures from our fun and cheap trip to Scheels.  Natalie had a great time! She got to ride the ferris wheel for the first time, pose with the fun animals (but the presidents were terrifying to her) and eat some ice cream!  Lots of fun!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last Summer Days with Mommy

Our summer is wrapping up, but we have still been having plenty of fun together. We bought this puppet set at Hobby Lobby and had a ton of fun with it. We also played color and shape bingo and just enjoyed each other's company.
But don't worry about Nat. She can't wait to go back to school! She keeps asking when she gets to go back. I reply soon. Her response: I can't wait for soon!

Natalie's First Dance Performance

Natalie had her first dance performance at her last dance class. This was simply her last class but the parents got to come in and watch. Natalie did a great job but she got extremely irritated with the other three girls not following directions (she is such a perfectionist/little teacher...I have no idea where she gets it!). I am still not sure if we will take dance again in the fall- I think we will do music and art instead- she seems to enjoy those areas more.