Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trying to keep up...

There are so many things that Natalie does or say and I try to make a mental note to myself to remember them so I can share them here, but it's hard! This morning, Natalie sat in her plush Barbie chair and I read several books to her- "How Does a Dinosaur Count to Ten", and "Can't Sleep" were here favorites. She took a book from me, and thoroughly "read" it, saying no discernible words but the inflection and cadence of her voice was perfect. We then went to her bed and tucked her Dora doll in....several times...only to wake her up loudly then repeat the process.

 I have to say that my funniest moment with Natalie this morning came when, upon finishing going to the bathroom, Natalie said "GASP- Daddy put pee pee in the potty? YAY!!!!" So funny. I cannot love this girl more. Then again, I keep saying that, and she keeps proving me wrong!