Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt at Church

Now we are up to date!  I took Natalie to our church's Easter Egg Hunt yesterday.  It was inside because the weather has been quite unpredictable.  There were a TON of people there, but Natalie had a lot of fun.

Hello Kitty!

Natalie loves her Hello Kitty!  One day I was able to get her hair bow just right like Hello Kitty.  We are at music class in these pictures.  She also loves her weekly music class!

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Day You Found Out You Were Going to Have a Brother!

Here is a picture of you waiting in the waiting room with Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma ready to find out if you were going to have a brother or a sister.  You were totally sure that you were going to have a sister, so when we found out that you were wrong, there was some upset feelings for awhile.  I did make you feel better when I told you that this means that you don't have to share your girly toys!  Since then, most of the time you love your brother and love to give him hugs and kisses in mommy's belly.  There are a few times that you like to remind us that you really wanted a sister. :)

Assortment of Pictures

Here are some pictures of general fun with you. I did take a before and after of your hair- that is what we deal with each morning!  I wish they would have lined up right, but sometimes this website is just annoying!

Natalie's Fourth Birthday Party!

This was the first year for a friend birthday!  Natalie had several girls from her preschool class (and Isla, mommy's college friend's daughter) at Dance Creations for a a Fairy Princess Dance Party!  Grandma made the awesome tutus and we got the wings at the dollar store.  You got to learn a fairy dance from a dance instructor, open presents, eat cake, and then perform the dance in front of all of the parents!

Happy Fourth Birthday!

Mommy took the day off from work to celebrate your birthday (it was your last day of winter break too!) We went to the mall to make a build-a-bear (you chose a cat), ride the merry-go-round, and eat sugar-cinnamon pretzel sticks.  It was a very fun day!