Friday, February 5, 2016

Your big heart

Yeah yeah, all I do is gush about you, Natalie, but you know what? You deserve it! We are so proud of your giving heart. Oh, you want examples? Good! 'Cause I've got them! First, you wrote a letter to your friend, Sophie. Unprovoked and purely out of a want to express your appreciation to your friend. How sweet is that??

Then, you participated in your school's Jump Rope For Heart money drive and dedicated it to Grandma near the anniversary of her heart attack. You genuinely were excited to make money for a charitable organization that would help others. Big heart. Again.

Oh, you want another example? Sure! On a page of your homework centered around a hundred dollar bill (how many nickels in $100, etc), one of the questions was "What would you do if you had $100?". Your answer? "I'd donate it, and keep some". What other seven year old would think to donate that money? I'm sure there are others, but that's the exception to the rule. And you, my darling, are exceptional. I love you and your awesome heart!!