Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

Another video! Joel and I have never had a Christmas tree. (ok, technically, we had a little 2 ft fiber optic tree, but never an actual tree that could hold decorations or have presents underneath) At first, I thought that we would still hold out on getting a tree until next year when Christmas had a bigger meaning to Natalie. But then I got to thinking and got sentimental thinking about Natalie's first Christmas. I want it to be perfect and filled with awesome memories and photographs. So, since I am a huge Black Friday shopper, I decided to look for a deal on a Christmas tree. Of course I found one!
It is a simple 6 foot tree- nothing fancy about it, but it is cute and has charm. We set it up on Friday. We then took Natalie out of the room, turned off all of the lights, turned on the video camera, and waited to capture the moment.
I will forever cherish the sparkle in her eye and the sense of wonder and awe across her face. May this be the first of many wonderful holiday memories!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so thankful for our little Natalie! We had a great day at Grandma and Grandpa's celebrating the day. Grandma made an amazing meal that Natalie actually got to be a part of! Natalie had mashed potatoes, a bit of sweet potatoes, a bit of a roll, pieces of a noodle, and a taste of cranberry sauce! She loved all of it, but she especially loved her taste of butter cake and her taste of ice cream! Here are a few videos. Two of them are meal themed and the other is just a cute one of her with her Grandpa and her new Snoopy dog that Grandpa gave to her.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ten Months ...No Picture...

Ok, so we have been terrible...we are over a week late on a ten month picture. There are several things that have caused this to happen. One of them is we are not sure if we will be able to continue doing the monthly pictures like we have been because Natalie hates being laid down unless she is already asleep. We can barely keep her still enough during diaper changes, so asking her to lay down next to her doll with a post-it on her, was just gong over the top for her. We do have some outtakes that we will need to put on here, but I don't have them on my computer right now.
I think every day becomes my new favorite day with Natalie. She continues to develop such an awesome personality and she just loves to laugh. She now pulls herself up within seconds and almost flawlessly. She loves to walk around while you hold her hands. She rarely stays in one spot longer than a few minutes, so we def. get our exercise while playing!
We had a new first this week. I got a call from day care on Monday saying that I needed to come get her due to diarrhea. I was really worried at first, but this has been the easiest virus to deal with. She has been the happiest and most active little thing. She just has a lot of bad diapers! So I took off the rest of Monday and most of Tuesday to watch her. Today was Veteran's Day, so we had today together with Grandma Harris as well. I have been extra spoiled by all of this time with my little girl!!! She just brings so much joy to me and anyone that she encounters.
We think that she is getting more teeth. She is pulling on her ears a lot (Dr. rechecked her ears today and said that they looked perfect) and she wants to chew on everything! Maybe a top tooth will come in soon. Her two bottom teeth show more now and it looks so cute!!
Natalie now can wave goodbye, make kissing noises, and we think she may be trying to say Pumba (just comes out -Ba) on top of saying mama a lot and dada. She loves babbling all of the time!
We will try to get some pictures up asap. Grandpa Harris and Grandma Judy are coming this weekend, so we will post some pictures of them with Natalie as well!