Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happiness is a warm blanket on a cold day

Took these photos one morning after mommy went to work on a day that I worked late. We were having some fun, as you can see!

Reading time!

Natalie is also paying more attention while being read to. Sometimes she even reacts strongly to certain pages (with high contrast in the pictures). For instance, her favorite page in one book is a white dog on a black background. Each time we get to that page, she visibly reacts in excitement. So fun! Here was mommy reading a few books to Natalie less than an hour ago. 

Floor Gym time

Natalie is loving her floor gym more and more as she grows older. It's so fun to see her want to interact more with her surroundings. She still doesn't quite reach for things yet, but you can see that she wants to when she flails her arms and kicks her legs in excitement while she looks at certain objects just within (or sometimes out of) reach. Mommy took all of these photos. I love the one of Natalie in the mirror. 

I think Natalie just looks beautiful in the first photo (which I took, incidentally...ha). Oh, and Pumba is more interested in Natalie too, as you can see in the one photo. You can tell he loves her. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

More cute outfits...

...and more to come! This is just to tide some of the more vocal followers over until we can upload more photos (probably fact, we should have a BIG update Friday!!). As always, click to enlarge.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekly Update

Well, thankfully Natalie never caught Joel's illness- Praise God! We have really gotten into our weekly routine and things have been relatively smooth-sailing for us in the Harris household.
On Thursday, I had to take Natalie with me to an evening school meeting again since Joel was working. She did well, except I have discovered that Natalie has a phobia of public restrooms. Last weekend when I attempted to change her in the restroom at O'Charley's, she wailed and carried on like she was getting shots again. Well, on Thursday, I had to change her at the high school and the same thing happened again. Good news is if there were any teenagers within hearing distance they will not want to have a child for many years!
Friday night was quite a night for us...except Natalie slept right through it. Pumba, our pug, was missing (we believe taken) out of our yard for almost two hours. We ended up calling the police, and as they finished taking our report and pulling away one of our neighbors comes from their backyard with Pumba! We thought that we would never see him again, so we were very thankful to see his face again. Even Grandma and Grandpa came to try and help find him, because they knew how much we care about him. As I said, Natalie slept through the whole thing, but we were lucky that our friend Angela had come over to visit so she could take care of Natalie as we went through the neighborhood!
On Saturday, Grandma took Natalie and I to get some pictures taken at Sears. She did not sleep hardly at all at day care the previous day, and she seemed to still be exhausted on Saturday. She slept through the first half of pictures. When she did wake up, she is so bright and her face is so expressive you could see that she was extremely confused and not impressed with the photographer. It was too funny to see the proofs where her face just says, "What is with you lady?!?!" We actually ended up purchasing one of those shots, which I am sure we will post in the near future.
Over the weekend, we had another milestone. Natalie discovered her voice and began to "talk" quite a bit. She also seems to be humoring herself by sticking out her tongue, which makes us laugh, which makes her happy, so she keeps doing it for this cycle to continue! Too funny! We have tried to get video of her talking, but once we get the camera going, she becomes fascinated by the lens and just stares.
Time continues to fly by, and I can't believe that she is almost three months old!!

Coming Soon

For those of you who follow the blog weekly, I just wanted to put a lil apology that there is not a weekly update yet. For the past two nights Natalie has kept me up with a stuffy nose, so I have been sleeping in my free time. I hope to update the blog within the next 48 hours. Sorry!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Natalie and I are attempting to recover from quite the exciting weekend. The week leading up to this weekend had a few important milestones. On Tuesday night, Natalie actually slept through the night (well, Joel gave her a last feeding at 11pm and she woke up at 5am), but that has been the only time that this has happened thus far. On Friday night, we moved Natalie to her crib in her room instead of the bassinet in our room. She still fits in the bassinet, but she frequently runs her arms and legs into the sides and I wondered if this woke her up frequently. So far, moving her to the crib doesn't seem too bad for her, but I feel more sleep deprived than I have for awhile since now I have to actually get up to attend to her.
Also, Natalie continues to develop her personality. She now gets visibly excited when she sees her duck toy that is attached to her car seat. She has developed a love for chewing on her right hand a few times a day. She really seems to be watching people talk and trying to talk for herself.
As I said, this weekend was quite full. I went shopping with my mom and then she came over for her weekly grandma visit. Grandpa came for his weekly visit as well. Sat. night, Joel and I went out to OCharleys with Jason and Joe. She was pretty fussy there, but it was because she was fighting sleep and she was doing a great job of staying awake for a long period of time.
Today Natalie and I traveled to Rushville to visit with grandma and my aunts. We had a really great time and everyone seemed to love spending time with her. This evening we had our weekly small group gathering that we also attended. Natalie got extremely fussy there, but I think it was simply because it was quite loud there, which she is not around very often.
Joel has been sick, so we are trying really hard to make sure that Natalie doesn't get sick. I know that it will happen at some point, but the longer that she can avoid it- the better.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Overdue Doctor Appt and Week Update

I missed updating the blog over the weekend. of course the highlight of last week was Natalie turning 2 months old. Her dr. appt went well. She weighs 11 pounds 6 ounces, which puts her in the 75th percentile. She is 22 inches long, which is actually only the 50th percentile, which surprised me. I described again how Natalie seems to have some reflux issues that were concerning us, so the doctor put her on liquid Zantac. I didn't like the idea of her being on meds, but the doctor assured me that it would not hurt her and was worth trying. Unfortunately, the medicine must taste horrible because Natalie sure puts up an excellent struggle every time it is time for a dose! Natalie received her first round of shots. She cried pretty hard, which so did I. Afterwards she slept pretty well, but when she woke up around 6, she cried pretty much nonstop for over an hour. It was probably the most stressful and worrisome hour that we have had yet. Thankfully she calmed down and slept pretty well that night.

The next day i was feeling a bit under the weather, so I decided to stay home. I kept Natalie home with me. That was the day that I read to Natalie from the first time and discovered how much she loves it! She stares so intently at the pictures and let me read all of her books to her as she just sat there taking it all in. Her favorite book right now is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? She loves the picture of the white dog that has a black background. She visibly reacts to that page with a lot of kicking and moving her arms excitedly. It is so cute!

On Friday she had another interesting milestone at day care- a bad enough diaper that they had to give her a bath! I felt bad for the workers when I heard that, but they seemed to be ok with that fact.

Over the weekend, we bought Natalie a playmat/gym. It has lots of toys hanging for her to look up while lying on her back. When we first put her down to enjoy it, we had to laugh because this was the first time that we had put her down on the living room floor. Instead of investigating her new toy she was more impressed with the tv! However, she did get over that and discovered when she kicked her foot, she made the rattle make a noise. This really made her proud of herself and she did it over and over and over! She is growing up and is so smart! We just can't get enough of her!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

More outfits

Wow, Natalie has a lot of clothes. Here are a few more outfits she's worn recently:

Friday, March 6, 2009

Buffet City Family

Yes, it is pretty sad. The gal at Buffet City (Jasmine), acts like we're family when we go to eat. She literally spent 80% of the time we were there tonight with us, and holding Natalie. As per her directions last time, we brought a camera, and here they are together:

Two months old!

And she's smiling about it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Two months old...

I can't believe my baby's two months old! These past two months have been such a whirlwind. She's been in my heart for so much longer, it's hard to remember life before her, and I certainly can't imagine life without her now. She and her mommy are the two most beautiful gals I've ever known, and how blessed am I that they happen to be my wife and daughter?

I'm disappointed that I won't be able to make it to Natalie's Dr. Appt tomorrow. It will be the first one that I've missed, and with one exception, that even includes prenatal visits. Then again, a part of me is glad I don't have to see her get her 2 month shots. I hated seeing the doctors and nurses draw blood from her heel when she was a newborn. I hate the thought of anyone causing her pain, no matter how good the cause is. Ah, the joys of parenthood.

"Shots?? WHAT!?!"


One of the absolute coolest things that Natalie has been doing lately is smiling when amused, and Mommy was quick enough with the camera to get one of these early smiles on "film". I love this photo.

Fashion Diva

We have been truly blessed by friends and family who have given us so many cute outfits that Natalie has been showing off proudly. Here are just a few of those many in Natalie's vast wardrobe. She's a diverse little fashion model, isn't she?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Week Gone By

If you haven't noticed, I think that our blog will now have weekly updates unless something major happens. I think that routine will work out best with our schedules now.
This past week was not nearly as eventful as the week before, which was kind of nice. We seem to be getting into a routine with day care and I actually got to work on time every day! Wahoo!
Natalie has pretty much grown out of all of her newborn sized items, except for a few things. Now she is in 0-3 month, and 3 month sized clothes. It is fun to have new things to wear, but I am also sad to already say goodbye to some of her cute little outfits. I am including two poor quality pictures of one of her new outfits that we got from someone in our small group. If she was any older, I would not like this outfit, but at nearly two months, this is adorable!
This week I also took Natalie to her first professional development meeting. I had a school meeting from 4:30-7 on Thursday and Joel was working evenings that day, so I had to take her with me. Of course everyone loved seeing her and she was excellent the entire time (mainly she slept through the whole thing).
The one big milestone from this week is authentic, social smiling. We had been seeing a few fleeting smiles for awhile, but they were rare enough that we still questioned if they were on purpose. But on Friday night, we all fell asleep in the living room and didn't wake up until around 12:30am. Then Miss Natalie was wide awake for a bit and smiling like crazy! I have read that you shouldn't interact with them too much when it is late, but we couldn't help ourselves, it was way too much fun and wonderful to see. Since then we have seen several smiles that just warm our hearts.
We have not been able to capture these on camera yet- mainly because we never know when we are going to get one, and we are enjoying them too much live to stop and get a camera!
Our next update will be a big one because Natalie has her two month doctor visit this week. We will finally get an official weight and height which we are looking forward to finding out. Unfortunately this is also her immunization visit, which I am not looking forward to! I think there will be tears from both of us!