Thursday, July 26, 2012


I love how Natalie says hamburger. She likes adding extra syllables to words, and I find it adorable. She made this "ham-a-burger" at the Rochester library for their story time program.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekend with Great Aunt Cindy

Natalie has been enjoying a wonderful visit with her great aunt Cindy. She got to play outside with her, play on the iPad, and the best part was a fun half-birthday party with making fun cupcakes and enjoying a neat cake toy. It was a great time!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Natalie Loves Her Family!

Family is so important to Natalie!

Music class and Dance Class

Another one of the many bonuses of staying home over the summer is that I get to take Natalie to music and dance class. She went to music class last year and she loved it just as much this year. Dance class is something new that she has also enjoyed. I don't get to stay with her for dance class, API am not positive how much she loves it. I get to watch the last class so maybe I will be able to see more then!

Natalie's First Vacation Bible School

This has been a summer of firsts for Natalie! She had her first VBS! This was designed for preschoolers so it was play-based. But every night she learned something about God (God made everything, God loves us, God gave us a special gift with Jesus) and she could tell me each of these things. She also learned new songs. On the last night they were asked to perform these songs on stage. From precious experiences I expected Natalie to freeze and do nothing. She proved me wrong. She sang all of the songs and did all of the movements. I could not be more proud (which I demonstrated by bawling like a baby)

My Little Reader!

Now that Natalie is 3, she gets to be a part of the summer reading program at the library! For every hour that we read she gets a prize! She also loves story time on Thursdays. They have a great program where they read stories to them, they get to do a craft, and then usually eat something (because the theme this year is food) Natalie loves it!

Summer Also Means Play Dates!

Natalie also gets to enjoy play dates during the summer! We have had fun playing with Austin and AJ (my friend Diane's grand kids), Caden (my friend Shelly's son) and Ruthie (my friend Angela's daughter)

Amazing Summer Days with Mommy

Natalie and I have been having a great time this summer. We have played with water beads, made moon sand, helped our bird by making a bird feeder, played in our pool in the backyard, and just enjoyed every moment!