Sunday, April 29, 2012


Catching up on videos!  I finally synced my iphone to my computer so I could post a couple of videos.  Actually two of them are just from yesterday, but I had to also put Natalie telling us the Resurrection Eggs with Mrs. Powers on here too!  The two from yesterday are demonstrating Natalie's adorable singing skills while she is taking a bath.  She gets into the songs from Tangled! (Grrr, the Resurrection video is not working..will have to try that again later!  And a compliment to Daddy for being willing to play Eugene as well. ;)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fun at Miss Shannon's

Nat bloomed at Miss Shannon's while Nickie and I had to work (Natalie's spring break and Nickie's spring break were two different weeks!). Thank you, Shannon, for watching Natalie two of the five days and showing her such a good time. And thanks for documenting it with photos for us!! Here are two of the photos from her time with Miss Shannon. Apparently Natalie told Miss Shannon that she had her foot to her face to warm her feet up!

Pretty Girl

Nat looked adorable today in her Sunday outfit. I was able to snap a few pics of her admiring herself in the mirror. Love this young lady!!!

Swinging Weather

Today was a beautiful day to play in the backyard! We had fun swinging and singing Disney songs.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Look who wrote her name!

For awhile, Natalie has been able to write a N and an A, but seemed to think that a T was the hardest letter.
Last night, she wrote them again and I told her to try a T. After showing her how easy it was, she did it! I then asked her to write a L, she said sure and did it! Same thing happened with I, but for some reason she suddenly did that one lowercase. I then taught her how to do an E. I was thrilled and said you can write your name! I gave her a nice piece of and markers thinking that I would frame her first time writing her name. She suddenly was very stubborn and just started drawing. I gave up and gave her a letter workbook and some crayons to play. Within seconds she says that she wanted to write her name! So her first time writing her name is on this C workbook page. Oh well! We are still proud of her and I may still frame it!

Our faithful girl

Natalie has loved learning about Jesus during Lent. She can tell lots of details from learning the Easter story through the Resurrection Eggs at school. We took video that we will post later. She also has loved watching any videos about Jesus. She told me about a Jesus video that she watched at school. She remembered lots of details, but suddenly showed that she is still a three year old by adding that when Jesus was on the cross, he said "help! I need a ladder!" ha! Too funny!
Yesterday (Good Friday) she said, "I haven't seen Jesus." I told her that someday she would. She smiled and said, "yes, someday" I then told her that Jesus loves her. She responded, "Jesus loves you very much too momma."
She continues to melt my heart!