Saturday, February 21, 2009

What a Week!

This was a huge week for all of us at the Harris Household. On Monday, I had to go back to work for the first time. We were lucky that since it was President's Day, Grandma was able to come over and babysit Natalie. From Grandma's report, Natalie could have been happier, but overall the day was not bad.
On Tuesday, Natalie went to day care for the first time in her life. I had no idea how long it would take me to get myself ready and Natalie ready for the day and get her to day care. I am very lucky that I do not have a strict clock-in process at work and that I don't have a classroom anymore because I was almost 30 minutes late! I am including a picture that shows the massive amount of stuff that I had to load for our big first day. According to Miss Kathy and Miss Karen (her two teachers in the infant room) she had a great day, which was nice to hear. Joel was even able to go and visit Natalie on his lunch break to check in, and that made us both feel better as well. I will admit though that there were a lot of tears that morning!
Wed and Thurs were two days that Natalie got to stay home with Joel because he did not have to go to work until 11. That made for nicer shorter days for Natalie at day care. Each day she received a positive report (although we did laugh and ask ourselves if they would have told us differently since it was our first week!!)
Friday was another average day (or so we thought). Natalie wore an adorable overall outfit (picture included) Sadly she had a blow-out at some point in the day so she was no longer in the cute outfit when I picked her up! Before I left school for the day, I decided to check the newspaper online because I had a few extra minutes. I am including the link So yes, in my baby's first week at day care, she had a lock-down situation where a wanted man (for a sexual assault no less) was on the building's roof! Thankfully the rest of the week had gone so well, because otherwise I think this would have caused me to quit my job and lock us in our safe little house!!
Today was our weekly visit from Grandma. Grandpa usually comes on Friday, but Natalie has been exhausted from day care (she doesn't sleep very well there) so he decided to come today as well. Poor Grandpa usually gets Natalie when she is fussy for some reason, so I was really going to try hard to make sure she was pleasant for him. Right before he came, she woke up fussy, so I gave her a bottle. In the middle of the bottle, she filled her diaper, so I wanted to change that as well. Joel began that process, but she was so fussy that it became a two person job. As we were working together, I had just taken the diaper off when Natalie decided to have a torpedo-poo that shot out in an arch and flew across the room and hit the wall! We both screamed and then I began to laugh so hard I could hardly breathe! That took quite a bit to clean up, but it was a memory that I don't think we will ever forget. So unfortunately when Grandpa first arrived Natalie was screaming because of all of the commotion and wardrobe changes she was having to go through. Thankfully she calmed down and Grandpa even got to see a few smiles.
Hopefully as we get into our new routines our weeks will not always be this eventful, but it makes for a great blog. Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Beautiful Girl

Here are just some adorable shots of our precious Natalie Lynai.

Dr. Mommy Doolittle

I have the ability to make all creatures gather around me for nap time. Pumba loves my side, Sophie sleeps on my head and Natalie snuggles on top. It makes for some comfy snooze time, but hard to get up!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Natalie got all dressed up this morning to wish everyone in her life a very Happy Valentine's Day!  She is the greatest Valentine that her mommy and I could have ever received!  The first picture could be titled "Eh, who cares about Valentine's Day anyway?"  The second shot just cracked us up, so we had to include it.  The final two are her more serious shots.  Happy Valentine's Day!

Bath Time!

Today was another adventure in bathing! Ever since we switched to her bath tub with the hammock, she has generally enjoyed her bath time.  Unfortunately though, for the second time this week, Natalie has decided that at the very end of the bath it was time for her to clear her system in the water.  Thus, she has received a double bath both times.  She is definitely clean!  If you notice in her back shot, you can really see her "old man" hairline!  We hope that she develops a head full of hair at some point in her life!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mommy and Me Time

Forgive us for no pictures. Joel has started a new job, and he is the one that puts the pictures on the blog. Yesterday was Natalie and I's first day alone together. It started out pretty eventful with her bath. I had just finished bathing her and I was reaching to pull her out when she had an explosive poo in the water. Ugh! So we had to start completely over. The first bath she enjoyed. The second one, she did not. The rest of the day was average, including a 3 diapers in 5 minutes event.(I swear she holds it sometimes until I have taken off her dirty diaper only to soil the new one, or the changing table in the very next instant)
Yesterday was also a milestone because we had to have someone watch Natalie for about an hour since I had my masters class and Joel did not get off until 5. My friend Shalanda watched her. It sounds like it went well, but it just made me realize how hard next week is going to be for me. It was hard enough leaving her with a good friend for an hour....ugh, an entire day with relative strangers...oh boy. I continue to pray for strength to get through that.
Today Natalie has been a good girl and slept through me getting a shower and putting a load of laundry in. The weather is suppose to be really nice today, so I might take advantage of that and take Natalie to the store with me. I will try to get Joel to add pictures this evening.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some new photos

Future husband?

We visited with the Lanters this evening- that Elliott sure is a handsome boy. And don't they look cute together? Hmmm....

One Month Old!

Natalie turned one month old today! Here is a comparison of her 1st week photo and her 1st month photo.