Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fun in the Snow!

There aren't many times that you can play in the snow when it is 50 degrees outside! Due to the massive amounts of snow that we have had, even though the temps were close to 50 today there was still plenty of snow on the ground, so we had a family fun afternoon playing in the snow!

Natalie had an amazing time. She loved just walking around in the snow- directing us which way to go "Dis way!" She loved purposely falling down so she could have us help her make a snow angel. We made a snowman together too!

The snowman provides the cutest stories. Joel put his hat on the snowman for a bit, but then of course took it back. Natalie felt bad for her snowman, so she took her own hat off of her head and put it on him! It was too cute! She also liked giving her snowman hugs and when asked what his name was, she said "Snow." (very appropriate!)

We also had fun throwing snowballs. Natalie didn't seem to mind that hers only went about 6 inches infront of her while Mommy and Daddy could throw them to the roof. She thought it was a blast the whole time!

Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day (Weekend)!

Joel got me beautiful tulips for Valentine's Day. Natalie loves smelling them. Isn't she precious!?!?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big Girl Bed!

We got Natalie her big girl bed today! We found a great deal on craigslist and Joel picked it up today!  When we brought it home, Natalie first thought that it was a very cool ladder (she is suddenly into attempting to "kime" (climb) things, so this was pretty cool.  So we quickly brought the mattress from her crib into the living room to show her that it was actually her new big girl bed!  She seemed pretty excited.
It came at the right time because it was time for her nap.  So I had her lay down on her big girl bed and I actually got her to take her nap there!  We were really excited for this big first step!
Soon after, it was time to head over to our friend, Jason's for the Super Bowl, so we didn't get the bed moved into her room before we left.
I brought Natalie home during the fourth quarter so she could go to sleep.  As I was attempting to rock her to sleep, she kept fighting it, so I asked her if she wanted to lay down in her big girl bed.  She said yes!  So here is the picture of her sleeping in the middle of our living room tonight.  We will probably move her tonight, but we are so excited that she seems to be positive about the new change!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Preview of Curls to Come?

When Natalie gets her hair washed in the bath, her hair always comes out with curls. Unfortunately, they always straighten out as her hair dries. Tonight we have major curl-action after the bath, so we decided to take a picture to show what is hopefully to come in permanently in the future!

Blizzard of 2011=Mommy and Nattie Time!

This week we had a blizzard! It was a well predicted storm, so on Tuesday, day care closed knowing that a ton of snow was coming during the day after we had already had ice the day before. My work did not close because it was just a teacher work day, but I had to call in since we didn't have day care. If you know me at all, you know that this was a huge blessing- both for time with Natalie and getting to stay off the roads. Between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning we ended up with about a foot of snow! So school was canceled yesterday. Today the roads are better, but still not great. Thankfully the temperatures are horribly cold so they canceled school again! Joel got to stay at home with us yesterday, but he had to go in today.
So, Natalie and I have had three bonus stay-at-home days this week. It has been wonderful! We have had lots of fun together and we have even been sharing a cold! Here are some pictures of our fun!