Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Put a Fork in It!

After really struggling (ok, barely trying...she would simply hold the fork with one hand and eat with the other) with plastic toddler forks, I purchased a fork by Gerber graduates that has metal tines that are pointy in the middle, but the two outside ones are rounded for safety.  We weren't sure if it would make the difference, but from this video you will see that it did!  She was so proud of herself!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pictures from Great Aunt Cindy's Visit

A couple of weeks ago, Natalie's Great Aunt Cindy, from Georgia came to visit.  Natalie was pretty shy at first since she had never met her before.  But Great Aunt Cindy knew the best way to her heart- via Barney!  Natalie got a new Barney and a cool new Barney book from Cindy (and two adorable sets of pjs too!) and after that Natalie began to warm up a bit.  She even gave a hug towards the end, which was pretty big.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera to capture any of these moments, so here are some shots that Cindy got and was nice enough to share.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Half Birthday Update

I think this has been a pretty big month as far as new things with Natalie...So much so, it is kinda hard to keep track of everything!  I am not sure I am going to remember it all, so I am going to use her 17 month blog to base this update on.
*Day care has actually taken a turn in the wrong direction, as far as how Natalie handles the drop off.  Natalie was sick for a week, and the next week, we went down to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. So by disrupting her schedule, she has now reverted to getting quite upset when we drop her off.
*Natalie is now a professional walker.  She doesn't need nor want a hand to hold most of the time and now one of her favorite things to do is simply walk around the house!
*If there was a way to improve in the eating area (even though we already reported that she is a great eater!!), then Natalie has improved!  She cannot get enough!  She constantly has been shocking us with the amounts, frequencies, and types of food she has been eating!  She has been using her sign for more and saying more during eating time every single day! She has tried (and loved) blueberries, watermelon, pasta salad, Ba's meatloaf, corn off the cob,  and eggrolls this month.
*Natalie has greatly improved with her M sound and can now say Momma very clearly.  For some reason, grandma is still Ba most of the time though.  She can now say Nathan "Nay" and just this week has learned how to say her own name "Nayee"...Sometimes it comes out even clearer than that.  But every time it is extremely cute.
*Natalie has learned many new words this month...I highly doubt I will remember them all, but here is a decent list, in no particular order (and there may be a few that I just forgot about last month, so I am including them here)-
More animal sounds/ids-
rawr-lion,tiger, and for some reason giraffe
tickatickaticka- her version of oink for a pig
shhh (with her fingers to her mouth)-mouse
pooo(with her fingers to her nose)-skunk
moo(with the correct sound most of the time)-cow
sssss(with moving her hands together)-snake
warr-clearer sounding water
mo-more or to say she wants to actually start having something (food) or playing with something
no-very clear, but most of the time in a very cute, sweet, thanks,but no
nos-nose (the s is very soft, so it is more of a nasal sounding no)
babuh-belly button

There are several things that Natalie attempts to say or repeat, but I am not sure I could say that she has mastered them yet.

*Natalie still loves to point to body parts. That is actually how she loves to start every morning-making sure mommy and daddy have not forgotten that they have a nose, mouth, and eyes
*Natalie received a second special Barney from her Aunt Cindy. Natalie was shocked to hear that her Barney still sang because for some reason hers has been mute for months!  She loves to hug and play with her new Barney at Ba and PawPaw's, but she still knows which one is her security Barney.
*She has learned more dances and has begun attempting to also sing these songs, which is adorable!  She now will do the Clapping Sound Dance, Dino Dance, Growing, If Your Happy and You Know It, Mr. Knickerbocker, and Baby Bop Hop.
*She has become very loving and loves to give hugs and kisses and sometimes says "Awww" as she is hugging you.

As you can see, Natalie has changed so much in just the last month!  I cannot believe that we have a lil girl who is a year and a half old!!!

Happy 4th of July!!

Natalie thinks it is so nice that everyone celebrates her half-birthday with fireworks and cookouts. We went to Grandma and PawPaw's over the weekend and had SO much fun! On the way there, Natalie discovered a fun use for her snack trap once the snacks are gone.

Then, Natalie learned (after a few tries) how to blow a whistle! Everyone at the get-together showed their excitement by applauding for her, which only made Natalie show off even more.

Finally, Natalie got a big kick out of watching PawPaw powerwash the patio, and even more of a kick when he sprayed the door she and Mommy were standing at!!