Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nathan and Bethany's Wedding

Brother Sister Love

LYou love your brother so much and he loves you!!!

Pumpkin Patch and Halloween

Labor Day Trip 2014

Another trip to Kentucky! 

Registering for Kindergarten and First Day

You were made for school! You have loved school from the moment that we registered! You have been flourishing and getting perfect scores on your first report card. You also got glasses from your first eye exam. Now you truly are your momma's mini me!

Disney World

You had a wonderful first visit to Disney World! (We also went to Sea World where you had your first roller coaster ride and loved it! We also had to run in a huge thunderstorm to our car- that was an adventure!)
You LOVED Disney World. You loved meeting lots of characters and you enjoyed the few rides we were able to experience
Unfortunately it was extremely hot so that limited what we could do and it also made your brother have to go back to the hotel early. But we still had a great time!