Saturday, October 20, 2012


This Halloween, we decided to take Natalie to "Spirit Halloween" to pick out her own costume. What a pricey decision! She, of course, chose pretty much the most expensive get up for her age, and we couldn't say no, so after asking her about 100 times if she was SURE she wanted it, we got her the Rapunzel (ala Tangled) costume. Well, it was worth it. Look how cute she is! I hope she enjoys wearing it for the next two Halloweens too.

We went to the Fall Festival at Fairview today. We played lots of fun games, got to ride a "train", or as we call it, a bunch of barrels tied to a ride mower, and even competed in our first cake walk!! Sadly, there was no cake won. Nickie and Natalie were both sorely disappointed, so we're going to make a cake later today. The spoils of defeat. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A couple of funny lines

Man, there is so much I need to catch up to on here. I just wanted to get these documented while I remember them. If I had a dime for every time Natalie said something that cracked me up, I'd be rich!

The other day, we were driving and I pulled over for an ambulance that had it's lights flashing and sirens blaring. Shortly after it passed, Natalie said "that ice cream truck scared me!"

One day, when we were getting ready to go to big girl school, I told Natalie she could choose three of her little dollies to take with us for the ride. It was like Sophie's Choice, let me tell you. She had them all ready, but said "I change my mind', switched one out then said" I change my mind". I said "you changed it again?" She said "yep, I changed two minds!" so

I love my little biscuit so much.